Youv'e been stung!

Now help me,

and  start  stinging!


Love is the highest frequency we as human beings operate on. When love is present, when love drives our next move, thought or action, success is destine to follow. It sounds easy, simple in concept to say the least. We all just need a little reminder from time to time.


So here is my reminder to you and hopefully in turn your reminder to them.


With your help to spread this message, you are bettering yourself and each person you choose to share it with.  Love stung me a few years ago and still today I simply want to continue to share it. I use art, my gift, to do just this. Thank you for your visit and for your love.


I created these stickers and I give them to you as a gift, free, no strings attached.  I ask that you share them. Perhaps with someone you don't get along with, and especially those you do.


By doing this, you are helping me to spread the simple word of love to the world, one human being at a time.


go! contaminate!

It doesn't cost you anything!

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